About us

You may live close to someone you work with, without even knowing. West Sussex Car Share helps people living or working in the area to find others going their way, so they can share lifts. Over 4,000 people have already joined the free scheme, so the chances of finding others going your way are good! Whether you’re seeking or offering a lift, or want to take turns driving, West Sussex Car Share can help you reduce your travel costs, make new friends and reduce your impact on the environment. The scheme can be used for any journey - regular, occasional or one-off, and is particularly useful for commuters. It supports policies set out in the West Sussex Transport Plan and West Sussex County Council's Travelwise campaign, which aim to promote and encourage sustainable travel. Register your details here - you could be sharing tomorrow!

Travel Plans

West Sussex Car Share can play a significant role in a Travel Plan which aims to encourage and incentivise sustainable travel by employees or residents. As a business or residential developer, you may be looking to developing a car-share scheme to help people commute to work. You can use West Sussex Car Share to help you by:

  • setting up your own private group within West Sussex Car Share
  • promoting West Sussex Car Share by linking it to your Intranet or external website

Setting up your own private group has several advantages:

  • It allows you to brand the web page to suit your organisation
  • Users can only be contacted by other members of their private car-share scheme
  • They do however have the option to search the larger public network
  • You have access to monitoring information to help you administer your scheme, e.g. to provide car-share parking space badges

The cost of setting up and a licence for your own private group is much cheaper than developing your own database from scratch. For more information please click here. For further information about Travel Plans and the Travelwise campaign, please click here.